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CZU Sustainable Christmas Workshops


Come this year on December 4 or 7 to make sustainable Christmas gifts with the Student Association at the CZU Christmas Market.

CZU Health Days 2023

Oncology prevention topics not only for employees and students of CZU

November 13 to 16, 2023 

The European Sustainable Development Week at the CZU

A pan-European festival of events to support sustainability

September 18 to October 10, 2023

ICA BioBlitz Challenge 2023

Support CZU and count the species of plants and wild animals on our campus! It's easy!

International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW)

28th year

May 7 to 13, 2023

Guided walks around the campus for biodiversity

Come with us on a campus biodiversity walk

Announcement of the CZU Campus Sustainability Challenge 2023 student competition

Educational path through the CZU campus

Submission of competition proposals by May 31, 2023

Let's clean up CZU & Prague Suchdol!

We warmly invite everyone to the cleaning event

"Let's clean up ČZU & Prague Suchdol"

organized by students of CZU

31.3.2023 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

CSR Conference 2023

Two-day interdisciplinary conference on a comprehensive approach to sustainability

April 20 - 21, 2023

CZU Auditorium, Prague - Suchdol

Giving Tuesday - Global Day of Generosity and Good Deeds

Come and donate a piece of goodness with us
on Givind Tuesday 11/29/2022

International student competition ReThink Waste Challenge

Accept the challenge and apply as a team to the international competition ReThink Waste Challenge

CZU graduate wins the Green Roof of the Year 2022 competition

CZU educates quality professionals. Behind the winning project and implementation in the Intensive Public Roof category is a CZU graduate, Ing. Vendulka Vaněčková

The September challenge To work by bike (or walk or jog).

Let's do something together for ourselves and the planet. Let's participate together in the September challenge To work by bike (or walk or jog). 

Movie Competition

Prepare your own short movie on issues related to Sustainable and Innovative Economy and compete for the price 3,500 PLN till end of May.

Sustainable Research Symposium

We would like to invite you to the 2nd edition of the Sustainable Research Symposium (SuReSymp 2022) on May 19th.

CZU Campus Sustainability Challenge 2022

"Change the CZU campus and the world for the better!"

CZU defends its primacy in sustainability

CZU has repeatedly been the best-rated university in the Czech Republic in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. In this year's international UI Green Metric University Ranking, which assesses the sustainability of universities, CZU ranked 62nd out of a total of 956 universities

CSR CZU Conference 2021

On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, the CZU CSR 2021 Conference entitled "Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Universities" took place in the Aula of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

Let's take the stairs

CZU cares about the health of its employees and students and therefore decided to motivate them positively to healthier habits. A small change in the daily routine can contribute to better physical and mental health.


The best waste is zero waste

CZU systematically prevents the generation of plastic waste and tries to prevent the use of disposable plastics in its campus premises.

Urban Greenhouse Challenge

Wageningen University and Research challenge you to develop an urban farming site including an indoor production structure that significantly improves the quality of life of local residents in one of the most diverse lower-income neighbourhoods of Washington D.C.

Youth Climate Pact Challenge

Do you have an idea in the field of climate action and need support to implement it? Then join the Youth Climate Pact Challenge!

CZU has become a member of the Platform for Responsible Public Procurement

By becoming a member of the Platform for Responsible Procurement, CZU claims allegiance to a strategic approach in public procurement and the implementation of responsible public procurement in its practice.

CZU has published its CSR report 2020

In recent years, CZU has been rated as the most sustainable university in the Czech Republic. It is at the forefront of international rankings in the field of CSR and sustainable development

CZU supports student projects striving for a more sustainable campus

11 ambitious student projects have applied for this year's CZU Campus Sustainability Challenge with the common goal of improving life on campus.

CZU won the National Award of the Czech Republic for Corporate Social Responsibility

The Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague won the first place in the National Award of the Czech Republic for Corporate Social Responsibility 2020 in the category of public sector, large and medium-sized enterprises - smart innovations. CZU also received the award Socially Responsible Organization II. degrees and the international award of the European Foundation for Quality Management "Committed to Sustainability" based on the EFQM Model of Excellence.

Students will clean up the CZU campus on Earth Day 2021

Students from the association Pupen z.s. decided to thoroughly clean the CZU campus on Earth Day on 22 April 2021.

Sustainable development goals of the UN

A total of 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is an ambitious plan by UN countries to improve life on the planet by 2030. The SDGs' primary purpose is for all people to live a dignified life without poverty, hunger and inequality, and reach their full potential.

CZU Campus Sustainability Challenge 2021

The CZU management announces the CZU Campus Sustainability Challenge 2021, which aims to spread the principles of sustainable development among CZU employees and students.

V4GU Video Competition

As part of the international cooperation on the V4 Green Universities project, CZU is announcing a video competition to encourage CZU employees and students to take their initiative in climate protection.

CZU is again the most sustainable university in the Czech Republic

Within the Czech Republic, CZU defended its first place in the UI Green Metric World University Rankings.

Food System Innovation Challenge 2020

CZU students have participated in the Food System Innovation Challenge 2020. The aim of this challenge is to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice on the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.

Students planted a flowery meadow

Behind the EFG dormitories on approximately 600 square meters is a newly sown meadow. year, you will be able to see there 68 plant species - of which 80% of the stand will consist of 59 species of meadow herbs and 20% of the stand will bloom 9 species of meadow grasses.

Students have built a "SOLAR PERGOLA" on campus

A wooden pergola with a large table and the possibility of electrical connection is now located in front of the EFG dormitories. This pergola creates a pleasant place to work and relax in the fresh air while generating enough energy to power 2 laptops and 4 mobile phones at the same time.

Invitation to ReThink Protein Challenge'2

Wageningen University & Research warmly invites BSc, MSc and PhD students worldwide to join the second edition of the ReThink Protein Challenge!

CZU entered the National Award of the Czech Republic for CSR 2020

This year CZU applied for the first time to the National Award for Social Responsibility organized by the Quality Council of the Czech Republic. 

New Research Centre at the CZU Prague makes focus on transmission of new COVID-19 and other infectious diseases from animals to humans and vice versa

According to recent research, the virus which causes the new COVID-19 disease might be transmitted to animals. Cats, dogs, ferrets and even livestock might be infected the same way as humans are.

A conference on Social Responsibility at Intuitions took place at CZU

The aim of the conference was to present various approaches to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and subsequently open a discussion on the role of universities in this respect.

REfill – Let’s have it again

Nejlepší odpad je ten, který nevznikne. V našem kampusu se vyhazují až tisíce kelímků denně. Proto zavádíme vratný systém kelímků na kávu!

How CZU manages rainwater?

Last year, CZU founded the Center for Water, Land and Landscape to provide solutions to the consequences of unevenly distributed rainfall.


The CZU Free Shop is a university-wide center that collects functional, permanent, and very useful things that the original owner no longer needs.

Edible campus

Over 100 edible plants and 37 new species of plants, from edible or medicinal herbs through edible shrubs to trees with edible fruits, were planted next to the EFG dormitory and Kruhová hall.

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