CZU defends its primacy in sustainability

CZU has repeatedly been the best-rated university in the Czech Republic in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. In this year's international UI Green Metric University Ranking, which assesses the sustainability of universities, CZU ranked 62nd out of a total of 956 universities.

"We have already defended our primacy in the Czech Republic several times, and since the number of universities that evaluate this ranking is expanding considerably, I consider the CZU rating to be very good, even with regard to growing global competition. Increasingly more universities are taking responsibility for their activities. Excellent research and projects that CZU solves, together with the effort to educate quality graduates, predestine CZU to set an example for other higher education institutions," says Doc. Valášek, the Vice-Rector for the Quality of Academic Activities.

The UI Green Metric University Ranking verifies and evaluates data in 6 main categories: infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste management, water management, transport, and education. Adaptation to the global coronavirus pandemic was newly evaluated this year.

Last year, the recently built Tropical Agriculture Pavilion won the Adapterra Awards 2021 competition in the working environment category for the best projects responding to climate change. CZU also received the award for first place in the National Award of the Czech Republic for social responsibility in the Public sector, large and medium-sized enterprises - smart innovations category.

In 2021, when the coronavirus pandemic continued to dampen many activities, CZU successfully completed several projects contributing to development, modernization, and innovation on campus. In addition, CZU continuously conducts several activities that contribute to the friendly operation of the organization.

You can find more information about social activities on the CZU CSR website.

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