The National Food Collection

At the Czech University of Life Sciences, we already demonstrated generosity and solidarity in the autumn when we collected a total of 171 kg of food and pharmaceutical goods. We would like to invite our employees, students and the public to try to repeat this success and contribute to the spring round of the National Collection.

The spring round of the National Collection

will take place in the Czech Republic on Saturday, 13th April,

you can contribute to the collection at CZU between 8th and 15th April 2024 by dropping off food and goods at the CZU Shop (CZU Canteen).


We will hand over the food and other goods that we select from the CZU collection to the coordinators of the National Collection after it is over. 

What can be collected?

  • canned goods
  • legumes
  • shelf-life milk
  • sugar
  • pasta
  • instant soups
  • oil
  • children's drugstore


Thank you to everyone who participates for your generosity and solidarity. Even a tiny amount of support means a lot to those who need it. We believe that together, we can make a positive change in the lives of some individuals or families.

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