To Work and School (not only) by Bike 2024

The May Challenge 2024

Let's join the "Automat Association's Challenge" and do something for ourselves and our planet by travelling to work and school sustainably.


Why go for it?

  • You will improve your physical condition and mental well-being (all thanks to movement).
  • You will save money on fuel costs.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions, noise, and dust.
  • You will get to know the city differently.
  • You will help building and planning the city infrastructure (thanks to data from your trips).
  • Win with CZU – in June, we will draw three participants who will receive a gift from CZU.


How do I get involved?

  • Register on the website and pay the registration fee.
    • We have a 60 % discount for CZU students and a 10 % discount for CZU employees.
      • Apply for the discount before completing the registration for the Challenge. The discount cannot be applied retroactively. The discount will be delivered to your school email after filling out this FORM
    • The sooner you register, the cheaper it is:
      • February 1 to 29:      CZK 430 (with a student discount of CZK 172)
      • March 1 to 31:           CZK 480 (with a student discount of CZK 192, with a employees discount of CZK 432)
      • April 1 to 16:              CZK 500 (with a student discount of CZK 200, with a employees discount of CZK 450)
      • April 17 to 30:            CZK 550 (with a student discount of CZK 220, with a employees discount of CZK 495)
    • For the registration fee, you will get a T-shirt with the logo of this year's Challenge; don't forget to choose the right size when registering (T-shirts and participation fee - Do práce na kole (
  • Join a team or create a new team, all under the company "Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze."



Course of the Challenge:

  • From May 1 to May 31, ride a bike, scooter, skates, wheelchair, or longboard, or walk or run to and from work/school.
  • Record your travels on your profile on the website or mobile app.
  • Enjoy the accompanying events "on the T-shirt" of the Automat association – e.g., "Breakfast on the T-shirt," etc. Information about "T-shirt" events can be found in the Cities section.
  • Participants with at least 66% participation will be entered by the Automat association for a prize draw.



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