CZU graduate wins the Green Roof of the Year 2022 competition

On September 7, 2022, in the auditorium of CZU, the international Green Roofs and Facades conference was held by the Green Roof Section of the Association for the Establishment and Maintenance of Greenery in cooperation with the Faculty of Environmental Sciences CZU.

Part of the conference was also the announcement of the results of the Green Roof of the Year 2022 competition. Great feedback for CZU is that the winner of the Intensive Public Roof category was the roof of DADA Distrikt – Brno, the project behind which is a CZU graduate landscape architect Ing. Vendulka Vaněčková from the company GreenVille, s.r.o. This company was also the exclusive implementer of the project, and as Ing. Vaněčková said, she personally participated in the partial implementation of the plantings.

The DADA District itself is an interesting object. Sustainable technologies and modern architectural elements with an industrial character have turned a former textile factory and brownfield into a pleasant living space. A residential green roof is the icing on the imaginary cake.

The roof with an area of ??400 m2 is a combination of extensive and intensive vegetation; the soil substrate here does not have a uniform depth but ranges from 5 to 50 cm.

The extensive part and the area around the roads are planted mainly with stonecrops and houseleeks; in the intensive part of the roof, we find mainly flowering perennials and small grasses, including resting places for residents to sit, but there is also space for raised beds for growing vegetables and fruit.

Congratulations to our graduate on the successful implementation.

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