CZU Campus Sustainability Challenge 2022

The CZU management announces the CZU Campus Sustainability Challenge 2022, which aims to spread the principles of sustainable development among CZU employees and students.

Our planet is facing major social, economic and environmental challenges. In 2015, all UN countries adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to eliminate these problems by 2030. The main purpose of the SDGs is for all people to be able to live a dignified life without poverty, hunger and inequality, and to reach their full potential. The SDGs have a plan to protect our planet from climate change and much more. To fulfil the SDGs, not only the individual governments must contribute, but we all must! CZU actively contributes to the fulfilment of all goals of sustainable development of the UN and would like to motivate its students and staff to do so too.

Can you imagine a project that aims to meet the goals of sustainable development and at the same time improve life on the CZU campus? Do not hesitate and register your project for the CZU Campus Sustainability Challenge 2022 and win the opportunity to implement your project.

How should the project look like?

We are looking for innovative ideas that will increase the positive impact of the CZU campus or expand responsible behaviour among CZU employees and students. The project's overall impact should improve campus life while meeting some of the UN's sustainable development goals. You can choose one goal or focus on multiple goals at once. It is up to you whether you deal with the social, economic or environmental area of sustainable development.

Find out the current situation on the CZU campus, specify your goal and prepare a plan to achieve it. Think about the risks and possible obstacles that may occur during the implementation. Do market research and design a real budget. Examples of supported projects

The main criteria for selecting the winning projects are:

  • A beneficial effect for better campus life
  • The fulfilment rate of SDGs
  • The probability of a successful implementation
  • The sustainability of the project in the coming years
  • The effectiveness of the funds spent

Competition rules:

  • Project proposals can be submitted by teams or individuals from among CZU students of all types and forms of study. CZU employees can also be part of a team with at least one student. The number of team members is not otherwise limited.
  • Successful teams will be invited to a personal (or online) presentation of their project proposals.
  • Based on the presentation and rules of the competition, the expert committee will select the winning projects.
  • Winning projects must be implemented in the period May e– November 2021.
  • 60,000 CZK is allocated for the implementation of projects. More projects with lower budgets can be funded. The budget of one project must not exceed CZK 60,000. Scholarships for the team must be included in the budget. The amount of the scholarships must be justified due to the nature of the project and ensuring implementation.
  • For more expensive projects, it is possible to secure your financing from companies or external institutions.
  • Changes in the schedule and budget of projects during their implementation must be approved by the competition coordinator.

Submit your proposals to this form by April 30, 2022.

Need more information?

If you need an individual consultation, you want to learn more useful information about how to correctly fill in the form, if you are looking for inspiration for your project and partner for the team, do not hesitate to contact the competition coordinator prof. Ing. Eva Vlkova, Ph.D. at

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