CZU has become a member of the Platform for Responsible Public Procurement

The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague has committed to adopting the principles of socially responsible public procurement in its 2030 Sustainability Strategy. This strategic approach to public procurement has been developed in recent years in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the EU and other countries. By becoming a member of the Platform for Responsible Procurement affiliated with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, CZU claims allegiance to a strategic approach in public procurement and the implementation of responsible public procurement in its practice.

Responsible public procurement is the process by which a contracting authority purchases the needed products or services while obtaining maximum value for money by creating benefits for society and the economy and minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

Responsible public procurement has a great potential for exploiting and promoting values that are perceived to be socially significant. At the same time, responsible public procurement can co-fulfil the goals that organizations meet in other policies using other means. Such topics may include, for example, supporting social entrepreneurship, supporting small and local businesses, respecting fair conditions in the supply chain, employing disadvantaged workers, enabling students to gain internships, ethical shopping and more.

The Platform for Responsible Public Procurement is an informal association of entities whose members acquire professional background, especially methodologies, professional materials and education. The key role of the Platform is to share good practices and network with other members and experts in the field of responsible public procurement. For this purpose, the Platform organizes various joint meetings in the form of seminars, conferences, discussion forums, etc. The Platform also aims to develop individual consultations, implementation plans and action plans for responsible public procurement among its members. The Platform was established within the project "Responsible approach to public procurement - Strategic public procurement", which was implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

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