CZU supports student projects striving for a more sustainable campus

11 ambitious student projects have applied for this year's CZU Campus Sustainability Challenge with the common goal of improving life on campus. The expert committee selected the three best projects to be implemented with the support of the CZU Rectorate.

The first of the supported projects is a construction of an insect hotel, which will monitor the life of insects. Another supported project is the creation of educational signage on campus, which will encourage the reader to think thoughtfully and behave responsibly. The last supported project will monitor the accidental hitting of birds into glass surfaces of CZU buildings.

The aim of the CZU Sustainability Challenge is to implement innovative student ideas that increase the positive impact of the CZU campus or spread responsible behaviour among CZU employees and students. At the same time, this year's competition called for the fulfilment of the UN's sustainable development goals.

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