Students planted a flowery meadow

CZU strives for reducing the negative impact on the environment and sustainable development of its campus.and also involves students in these activities. Every year CZU management announces a competition for the best student projects that will help CZU become a more responsible and sustainable university. The winning teams will receive funds to implement their ideas and a financial scholarship. Within the CZU Campus Sustainability Challenge 2020, the student project Realization of a Flowery Meadow was supported.

CZU students from the student association PUPEN z.s. Ing. Radim Codl and Ing. Jan Pytlík came up with a proposal for the implementation of a flowery meadow on the CZU campus. During the presentation of their project to the expert committee, they defended the contribution of the project to a better life on campus, its sustainability in the coming years, the probability of successful implementation and the effectiveness of the funds spent.

Behind the EFG dormitories on approximately 600 square meters is a newly sown meadow. year, you will be able to see there 68 plant species - of which 80% of the stand will consist of 59 species of meadow herbs and 20% of the stand will bloom 9 species of meadow grasses. Foreign students and the student association ESN CZU Prague helped with soil preparation and sowing.

What is a flower meadow and why establish it?

The flowery meadow is a collection of colourful flowers and grasses, which used to be very common in old landscapes. Today these habitats are rare near large human settlements. However, at the same time, it is an important stabilizing element in the landscape which increases its biodiversity. Not only by the representation of many plant species but also by the fact that it offers refuge to many organisms including insect pollinators which often lack a suitable ecosystem to complete all developmental stages. Perennial flowery meadows usually bloom the second year after sowing, the first year the area is occupied by fast-growing grasses. Meadows are not that difficult to irrigate and mow as lawns. Mowing is usually done once to 3 times a year. Flower meadows are hardy and very tolerant to various conditions such as drought or humidity, sun, partial shade or shade and even various types of soils.


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