CZU has published its CSR report 2020

Responsibility towards the environment and society, environmental protection and the promotion of the principles of sustainable development are the priorities of all CZU activities. The scope of activities related to social responsibility is annually reflected in the summary report, the so-called CSR Report.

In recent years, CZU has been rated as the most sustainable university in the Czech Republic. It is at the forefront of international rankings in the field of CSR and sustainable development (e.g. UI Green Metric World University Rankings). For its efforts, CZU received the prestigious award Socially Responsible Organization II. degrees from the Ministry of Labor and Trade and the international award of the European Foundation for Quality Management Committed to Sustainability.

"Our ambition is to be a leading representative of the academic world in promoting the principles of sustainability in the field of education, science and research as well as social activities. In order to achieve this goal, we approach the topic of sustainable development systematically, and we regularly control, report and innovate how we manage sustainability. Based on innovative and diversified study programmes, developed forms of research, a unique campus and an emphasis on CZU social responsibility, we educate students to jointly contribute to sustainability and a quality environment for life at home and abroad, "says Vice-Rector for Quality Education and Creative Activities doc. Petr Valášek.

Every year, CZU publishes a CSR Report, which reflects the scope of its activities in the area of social responsibility and sustainability. This type of non-financial reporting is an important indicator of the performance of any organization.

The CSR Report for 2020 summarizes how the university has coordinated educational and creative activities, strategic management and the operation of the campus in terms of sustainability. It mainly reflects work in the field of strategic management and CSR coordination. It includes fundamental activities implemented in the spirit of the values of socially responsible behaviour of individual faculties and other university workplaces.

In the CSR REPORT 2020, you will read, among other things:

  • How CZU performs in terms of sustainability in a global comparison
  • How CZU manages to connect education with the topics of social responsibility and sustainability
  • How CZU takes care of its employees
  • Which green technologies you can find on the CZU campus
  • How CZU retains and then uses water on campus
  • How many kilograms of plastics have been saved thanks to the use of the Filtermac fountains
  • How do student associations, which advocate for a more environmentally friendly operation of the campus, work and much more.


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