Let's do something together for ourselves and the planet. Let's participate together in the September challenge To work by bike (or walk or jog). 

To accept the challenge, just complete the registration at dpnk.dopracenakole.cz, pay a registration fee of CZK 100.- (this time each person), and in the period from 12th September till 25th September, commute to work by bicycle, scooter, skateboard, inline or wheelchair, jog or walk and record your performances, for example, in an application that can be connected to Cyclers, Na kole Prahou or Strava (more about the rules of September challenge).
Thanks to morning exercise, you will be refreshed in the morning, and your brain cells will be oxygenated and ready for higher performance. 
Your registration fee is in the form of a donation (you will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt for it) and a discount coupon for the benefit e-shop.

Why go for it
-    I will improve my physique and support my mental well-being (movement releases the hormone of happiness)
-    I will save fuel costs
-    I will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the reduction of noise and dust = a better environment
-    Thanks to the challenge, I can get to know the city from a different angle and maybe discover new paths
-    Thanks to the data from the challenge, I will help with the planning of new and secure infrastructure (because the data is collected and used in precisely this way)
Share your rides on FB/Insta with hashtag #czudopracenakole and #dopracenakole
If you send your results (screenshot with results) after the end of the challenge from 26th September till 5th October to email dvorakovasimona@rektorat.czu.cz, you will be included in the draw for CZU prizes.


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