Food System Innovation Challenge 2020

In support of involving next generation leaders in the UN Food System Summit, WUR in collaboration with its partners from the A5 Alliance organized a student challenge for teams from A5 partners and other interested universities; “the Food Systems Innovation Challenge”.

The aim of the challenge is to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice on the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, particularly SDG 2, Zero Hunger. Working on food and nutrition does have significant effects on other SDGs for instance climate, sustainable consumption and biodiversity. This so called trade-off are to be taken into account, we have to work on the transformation of the entire food system.

Twenty teams of students from all over the world took part in the challenge, including a team of students from the CZU. Czech students focused on the issue of biodiversity of food systems. In their video, they call on national governments to decree that 30% of food for all state institutions will come from small farmers who grow farm sustainably. They also call for the need of education in food literacy which according to them should start in primary schools. They also suggest that the government actively participate in raising awareness of the topic and educational campaigns on social networks.

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