Giving Tuesday - Global Day of Generosity and Good Deeds

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Giving Tuesday is a Global Day of Generosity and Good Deeds, on which millions of people across all continents come together to inspire and do good.

Come together to CZU to donate a piece of good - become part of the Giving Tuesday event, become part of the global donation movement - helping is easy.



a) Bring an in-kind donation to a charity collection

– clothes, toys, and small household appliances (all clean, undamaged, and functional)

- to the charity collection for ADRA, Salvation Army and Asylum St. Teresia will be accepted:

  • clothes for children and adults (greatest demand for winter clothes, but they will also be happy for summer clothes)
  • toys and games
  • sleeping bags
  • small household appliances – e.g., mixer, beater (for furnishing start-up flats)

What not to bring: torn and dirty clothes, baby carriages, baby car seats, bulky items

 b) Donate to the fundraiser - for the association Letohrádek Vendula, z.s.

  • in cash to the collection box on the day of the event
  • by non-cash transfer to the CZU charity account 500 201 212/0800, VS 997303, which is already available and will be open for sending contributions until November 30, 2022.


You can support the association all year round by buying pastries of their own production at the stand in front of the rectory. Such support also makes the most sense, as it leads to the maintenance of jobs for the disabled.

Letohrádek Vendula association, z.s. employs people with severe health and social handicaps in a sheltered bakery and laundry. Currently, the association is going through a difficult post-covid period while dealing with the effects of energy increases. These events led to the termination of some activities, among which was, for example, the provision of social services. The association is trying to maintain at least protected workshops, even though operations here are partially limited and seven of the original eleven employees are now employed in protected places. The cancellation of social services entailed the dismissal of thirty employees and the termination of services for almost forty disabled clients who used, for example, a day-care centre (source: Hynek Sojka and Berounský deník1). Employment of disabled people in sheltered workshops is an essential part of their social integration and, at the same time, provides protection against social exclusion.

The association will use the collected amount to purchase bakery equipment and goods (containers for pastries, cutters, protective work equipment, baking utensils, etc.).


In-kind donations and a cash fundraiser will be collected at the Giving Tuesday booth

on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

in the Canteen building (on the right side next to the entrance)


To all employees, students and friends of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague who will be involved in doing good together, we would like to thank you very much in advance.

Photos from the protected workshops of Letohrádek Vendula (source: Hynek Sojka, Letohrádek Vendula)


1 Berounský deník -

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