The CZU Free Shop is a university-wide center that collects functional, permanent, and very useful things that the original owner no longer needs, and thanks to this organization they can serve someone else for free. We find a positive impact on the management of the dormitories, the prevention of unnecessary waste and the consumerist way of life.

The CZU Free Shop was created as part of the student CZU Campus Sustainability Challenge 2018. The CZU Free Shop was under construction from the beginning of October 2018 and was opened on 7 February 2019. The Free Shop premises were supported by the University, and the furnishing of the space was carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, which produced furniture for the shop from the remaining material.

If you are interested in this project, do not hesitate to visit the Free Shop! We will also be very happy to have other members for our team. By working together, you can gain new experience, get in touch with international students, make others happy and you can find something new for your wardrobe here and there.

You can find us in the BCD building in dormitory C on the 4th floor, directly opposite the stairs. You can also contact us on Facebook, where you will find our opening hours.

CZU Free Shop

(Kryštof Stýblo, Johana Svobodová, Tomáš Fidler)


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